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An Epic Australian Road Trip Route – The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most iconic and scenic stretches of road in the whole world, the reason for the popularity of this road is the stunning scenery along the way. From cliff tops, surf beaches and right through to lush rainforests, making your way from Melbourne right to the end at

How to get the most out of Australia’s East Coast

While you could be forgiven for thinking Australia’s east coast is full Hooray Henrys spending their anticipated inheritance on fish-bowl cocktails and hippy necklaces, the fact is that there are plenty of incredible destinations that should definitely be on your itinerary. Sure, there are places up and down the east coast that resemble a Freshers

Australia – you’re spoilt for choice

You’re planning a trip to Australia? Quite difficult to decide where to go. From pulsating metropolises like Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne to the lonesome and endless prairies of the Outback, you can experience a wide range of cultural highlights and natural beauties. Here just one proposal for a tour in the southeast of this great

Australia’s Own Tropical Paradise

You don’t have to travel as far as the Caribbean to find a beautiful beach, laid back attitude and beautiful tropical fish with which to swim. For Australians, tropical paradise is as close as Cairns. When the monotonous humdrum and stress of everyday life gets to be too much to bear, Cairns makes for a

Australia’s Breathtaking Landscapes

Everybody needs a holiday from time to time where one can forget about daily worries and indulge in relaxing moments. Choosing a holiday destination can be quite picky because of the wide display that tour operators have to offer. Having a tailor made vacation is a must when opting for a nice getaway! For the