Keep Your Pet in Check When Travelling


Image by RoBeE (Creative Commons)

Going on holiday is the highlight of most people’s years, and if you’re going on a family holiday you’ll more than likely want to get your pet involved too. It’s easier than ever to take your pet with you on holiday, however there are a few things to take into consideration before putting Fido in the back seat and setting off on your journey.

Make sure you book a pet-friendly accommodation

Might sound obvious, but if you’ve booked a two week stay at a cottage where the owner is allergic to pets, it can end in disaster. The fact is, there are more places that aren’t pet friendly than there are, so you really need to look around before booking. Websites such as Dog People are great for working out which places in the UK are pet-friendly, and also lists restaurants and attractions that are pet friendly too.

Ensure your pet is kept happy

Taking your furry friend on holiday still means you have to give them all of the attention and love you give them at home – if not more. Travelling for long distances can stress animals out, so it’s worth planning regular stops to ensure your pet remains happy. You should also check whether your pet is allowed on the beach or in the local parks where you’re staying, as you don’t want to be stuck with a hyper dog all week!


Dog on Beach at Saddell Bay by Steve Partridge (Creative commons)

Take precautions

Ensure your pet has all of its medications and a good supply of the food it likes. It might also be worth considering getting your pet microchipped if you haven’t done this before, as if your pet goes missing it’s far easier to locate them again. If you need to update any of your pet’s microchip details, check the PETtrac website, which has details of updating your details, and what to do if you’ve lost your pet’s microchip number.

In addition to this, you should get some kind of pet insurance if you’re taking them travelling. Like humans, pets can get into accidents too, and companies such as Pets At Home offer a range of comprehensive pet insurance. It will save on any unexpected costs while on holiday, and if you decide not to take your pet with you, it means that whoever looks after your pet while you’re away will be able to cover any accidents or problems without having to pay for it all themselves.