Top Reasons To Visit Vietnam

Seeing Ha Long Bay is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Vietnam... photo by CC user By Francesco Paroni Sterbini on wikimedia

The top reasons to visit Vietnam are inspired by the new experiences promised by a beautiful country reborn from decades of war. The Vietnam War destroyed many parts of this SE Asian paradise, but the government has invested a lot of money in recent decades in improving infrastructure, transportation and modernization to the point where western tourists will feel right at home. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Vietnam!

Reason 1: Vietnam is not very congested and polluted

Unlike Thailand, Malaysia and some parts of the Philippines, Vietnam has managed to control urbanization despite the rapid development of its cities and as such, isn’t nearly as polluted.

Reason 2: Experience a virtually zero-crime country

Crime is rare in the country and this is one of the top reasons to visit Vietnam. Tourists need not worry about their personal safety when visiting the country. This truth makes the country an ideal destination for solo and female travelers who typically choose their next destination based on their safety. The government has really done very well in maintaining peace and order.

Reason 3: Low costs of travel

Perhaps the most important of the top reasons to visit Vietnam is that staying in this country will not hurt your wallet. From food to hotel accommodations to buying souvenirs, Vietnam is one of the best places in the world to get value for your money. You can stay in nice places in major cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for just $20-30 for a private room.

Reason 4: Experience the beauty of the countryside

Because a majority of the citizens in Vietnam rely mostly on agricultural livelihoods, the country has large swaths of relaxing countryside. Aside from farmers, the countryside is also inhabited by hill tribes who were once fierce warriors allying with the Americans in Vietnam War which will be of interest to history buffs and culture vultures.

Reason 5: Traveling in Vietnam is convenient

The main transportation in Vietnam is the open bus. These vehicles are very accessible around the city and they travel around simple, easy-to-navigate routes. Like Thailand, Vietnam also has many motorbikes whizzing around. This is actually the preferred mode of transportation by locals and tourists alike as it’s extremely cheap and there is always someone waiting on a corner to give you a ride. Just make sure to negotiate the rate before you hop on.