Travel Tips When Going To Canada

Canada is an excellent place to travel to; it offers panoramic views, great food and drink and more importantly it is a cosmopolitan city, open to anyone from everywhere! This article covers a few travel tips to bear in mind when travelling to Canada.

Like any country, you need to make sure that you take a travel guide along with you. Canada is so large that you need to know just where to eat, what to do and more importantly be able to manage your time correctly. Taking along a travel guide will ensure that you have a better time with careful planning.

Next you, you need to consider the weather. If you are heading to the provinces in Canada that are a little more humid, then you need to have summer clothing. This especially applies to the Maritime Provinces in the west of the country. If, however, you are in Nova Scotia and Halifax, you can expect to see weather that is freezing in winter time- yet quite moderate during summer. Travelling to Canada’s mountain regions will see you in a varied climate. You will be better of taking clothing that you can easily lose, if you find a change in weather! Vancouver and Victoria have a more stable temperature n you will not usually see freezing weather there.

When you travel to Canada, you have to cross the border (depending on the mode of travel you are taking there of course. Make sure that you have all of the requirements that are needed for a visa, even if you are flying into the country as opposed to driving.
As with any country, you visit. Make sure that you understand the local currency. It is very important to know that Canada uses the dollar, and some locations on the border may take American dollars too. Traveler’s cheques are a wise option for anyone travelling.

Sales tax in Canada- you need to know that there is sales tax applicable to almost everything in Canada. It really does depend on which province of the country you visit. In Alberta, Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Nunavut, there is no tax applicable to purchases. If you are In Manitoba and British Columbia, you can expect to pay 7% in tax. If you go to Saskatchewan, then the tax is 5%. In Quebec, the tax is a little higher at 7.5%, 8% in Ontario, 10% on Price Edward Island and 13% in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Make sure that you also learn how to tip correctly in Canada! Usually people tip between 12 and 15 %. If you are on a travelling trip via bus or taxi, then you are usually expected to tip the driver at least $2 a day per person! So, it’s safe to say that tipping in Canada is very important.

One thing that you can be sure of when going to Canada, no matter which location you choose to visit is that you will have a fantastic time. The county of Canada has it all, and you will not want to come home!